RUR 518

В наличии

"The journey into high adventure soars on! Let the secret history of the world be told--of the alien virus that struck Earth after World War II, and of the handful of survivors who found they now possessed superhuman powers

Harper, George R

Here, in the third volume of the Wild Cards series, seven of science fiction apos s most gifted writers take you on a journey of wonder and excitement.Includes stories by Edward Bryant, Leanne C

Martin, John J

Miller, Lewis Shiner, Walter Simons, Melinda M

Now, forty years later, under the streets of Manhattan an evil genius unleashes the powers of darkness--and Aces and Jokers alike must fight for their lives

Others wreaked terror


Snodgrass .

Some served humanity

Some were called Aces, endowed with powerful mental and physical prowess

The others were Jokers, tormented by bizarre mind or body disfigurements